Nob Hill Homes for Sale

Nob Hill Homes for Sale!

Nob Hill homes for sale is a sophisticated, yet trendy, neighborhood surrounding the very popular NW 21st and Northwest 23rd Streets. Locally, the area is also often called Northwest or “Trendy-first and Trendy-third”. Similar to its sister neighborhood, the original Nob Hill in San Francisco, the narrow streets are lined with turn-of-the-century Victorian houses, some of which have been turned into artsy shops, trendy clothing boutiques and locally-owned book stores. Sprinkled in are a few of the more popular national chain stores. There are many beautiful and historic homes along the side streets of the neighborhood. This is a great Portland neighborhood for strolling and people-watching.

Nob Hill Homes for Sale!

Unique shops along NW 21st and NW 23rd include the high-end selection of shoes fashionably displayed at Zelda’s Shoe Bar as well as gifts and collectibles of anything and everything related to Dachshunds at Moreland House N.W. At Twist, high-end jewelry, gifts, and home furnishings with personality are handmade by artists from around the country. Music Millennium is known for its free in-store performances by well-known musicians as well as its vast selection of recorded music.

Coffee shops and pizza parlors abound, many with sidewalk seating. Some of Portland’s best gourmet and nationally-rated restaurants are located in this area and they often use fresh ingredients provided by the local farmers. Favorites are the French cuisine at Paley’s Place, the fresh Northwest selections at Wildwood, Thai food at Typhoon!, the wonderfully rich desserts at Papa Haydn, and of course, the chocolates and chocolate drinks at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe are the best anywhere! For further information contact Ted J. Williams 360.910.0317

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